Blake Rudis Zone System Express 4.0 Review

Take your photo processing to the next level

It’s a constantly evolving process to improve my workflow. Blake Rudis created a great system that allows me to achieve great results in an efficient and improved method. The Blake Rudis Zone System Express 4.0 allows me to use tools in Photoshop 2018 in an optimal way.

Blake’s system is a workhorse that delivers consistent results every time. The system is more than just a Photoshop plug-in. It comes complete with examples and the theory behind the various options. The lessons are designed to be used from the beginning to the end. The lessons are complete, concise, and easy to understand.

There is a broad array of tools to assist you with achieving your artistic vision for your images. Many of them are useful tools. Blake’s ZSE 4.0 provides a solid foundation towards achieving your artistic vision.

Calla lilies in bloom

Calla lilies in bloom

The above photograph was made several years ago but never completed until I used Blake’s ZSE 4.0 in post-production. The System is an essential part of my workflow. If you want to take your work to the next level, I recommend ZSE 4.0.

is this a new photograph?

Is this a new photograph? It seems like an easy question and in many cases, it’s an easy answer. The heart of the answer is when the image is completed. There is a specific time and place when the image was captured by a camera. At that point, the photograph exists. For my photography, it is still an unfinished work. There are adjustments that need to be made to the image that includes basic adjustments as color correction, image optimization by identifying the lens used to take the photograph, cropping if needed, removing any sensor spots from the image, and other adjustments to achieve the finished image that meets my vision for the image. My initial basic processing is done in Adobe Lightroom. Further processing may be done in a processing tool like Perfect Effects from Perfect Photo Suite by OnOne Software.

flixy cats, new york city

flixy cats, new york city

The above photograph was made on January 19, 2013. It sat in my library of images until it was completed on October 13, 2014, posted to Google+ and added to my photography site on October 15, 2014. The time gap from making the photograph to completing the photograph doesn’t matter. It is a new photograph when it is completed. Before that, it is an image that is unfinished.

Architectural Photography

Tips for shooting architectural photographs

Architectural photography is one of my favorite subjects and one of the most challenging subjects to photograph. All of the photos in this post are related to that topic. Below are a few of the photographs from the shoot.

With any photography, perspective and composition are key elements. Give the image an interesting attraction to the eye. Find a perspective that is unique. Photographs that are from a common perspective will often not be as interesting. They will generally not have a strong impact if photographed from a common view. Some photographers will shoot from their normal standing position. There are times this will work. There are no rules but there are good practices to consider for the photograph. One of the methods is to find a low perspective. Sitting on the ground can help get a good shot.

Pay close attention to everything in the frame. Reposition if unwanted elements are included in the composition. It’s a good practice to not shoot with the idea of cropping later. You are wasting pixels. Each photograph should be important. Don’t let yourself fall into poor techniques. They will become habits. That lessens the quality of your photographs.

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.” – Diane Arbus

architectural photography looking up

low angle view with a steep upward angle of the old Alabama Power Company building in Birmingham, Alabama


angled view of the old Alabama Power Company building in Birmingham, Alabama

angled view of the old Alabama Power Company building in Birmingham, Alabama

Gerry Daniel Photography

Gerry Daniel on Google+

Street photograpy in New York City

Street photography in New York City

hear the photography with your eyes

The image, featured below, is street photography with graphic art on the side of a building, made in New York City.

new york city

Street photography in New York City

The Gerry Daniel Photography blog is back! My energy, enthusiasm, and determination have returned. Stay tuned for some new things and the revival of some things that have been part of the blog in the past. A lot has happened in the interim between the last post and this post. The posts moving forward will sometimes written directly here while others may come from other sources such as my Google+ profile. That offers an opportunity to improve and broaden the content featured here.

Hang with me, spread the word, share with others. The more people I have reading and enjoying my blog, the better for me and the juggernaut that is Gerry Daniel photography, my art, and my ever expanding artistic and personal empire. Please share, link, reference, repost, like, give it Google +1’s, helps me in a lot of ways.

If you like my photographs and art enough to use any of it without my permission and believe my work is free for you to use, we fundamentally disagree on that issue. For the people that will take my work without respecting my ownership and legal rights no matter what I say or do, at least make an effort to give me credit for the work. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. If you don’t think this applies to you and/or you just don’t care, you just want the images and are going to take them no matter what, there is little I can do. I will try to take some solace that you found my work significant enough to use without permission and in violation of copyright laws. I doubt I will go back and make changes to any of the images posted with regard to trying to make it easier to identify that it’s my work. Going forward, ways to make it easier to identify the work as belonging to me will be added but it won’t be intrusive or obscure my images. I’m focused on what’s ahead.


on a bridge looking south in birmingham alabama

day 15/365 in my daily photo journal for 2013 and for +G+ 365 Project

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on a bridge looking southon a bridge looking south

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pink pick-up

day 14/365 for my 2013 daily photo journal and for +G+ 365 Project

This is a tight shot of an old truck that is parked in front of an antiques and collectibles shop. It is parked with the bed of the truck by the road. Whether the motor in the truck will run is anybody’s guess. As far as I know, it’s been sitting in that same spot for years. The truck bed is used for holding firewood that’s for sale, at least theoretically. In my experience of passing by, I’ve never seen much firewood in it and have never seen anyone buying any but the wood does seem to change over time. By that I mean it doesn’t seem like it’s the same wood or the same amount over time.

It’s tough to describe the vividness of the pink paint on the truck. My assumption is that the color was chosen to be eye-catching, mission accomplished. This photo was made at night, long exposure and the light is all reflected by lights in the area and passing cars. Those factors make it tough to really capture the hue accurately. One day I’ll photograph the truck in daylight and hopefully get a better representation of the actual color.

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reflected in the rain

this photograph would be at home in a number of albums. it’s night photography, low angle photography, street photography, abstract photography and possibly more. colors, lights, water, texture, and reflections are elements that always attract me. this one has it all.

#nightphotography   #abstractart   #lowanglephotography  +Jeremy Lavender  #streetphotography
reflected in the rain

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empty sidewalk tables on a rainy night

day 13/365 for my daily photo journal and for +G+ 365 Project 

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#nightphotography   #nightscapes   #lowanglephotography   #streetphotography   #homewood   #alabama  +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton +James Cockroft +Jeremy Lavender 
empty sidewalk tables

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