Monthly Archives: August 2009

Shoot what you love

To some degree the title of this post is a major part of what drives my photography. If you’ve followed my photography at all, you know that I love nature photography. If I had to create a diagram of the subjects I like to shoot, and that diagram was a pie chart, a big piece of the pie would be nature photography. Thankfully for you and me, I won’t be creating a pie chart to represent my favorite photography subjects.

Before I go any further, I need to insert a general disclaimer. I am not saying that I need a disclaimer but in the off chance that there is someone reading this that feels compelled to take issue with my overall concept, I understand that sometimes photographers have to shoot things that they might not love. Since this is my blog, I choose to write as if that is not a factor here.

In my case, shooting what I love presents certain challenges to my skills as a photographer. Some of the things I love to shoot fall outside my comfort zone as a photographer. The perceptive reader realizes the dilemma this creates for me. For the less perceptive, I will give you the short version of the problem. My comfort zone is an area of my photography where I feel like I can produce consistently acceptable results in terms of quality images. I could write a whole post about my own insecurities with my work, my tendency to be overly critical of my work, my lack of ability to have any objectivity with my work, but this post isn’t about that.

Recently my love of nature photography has presented me with this challenge to shoot what I love but falls into an area that I think is a weak zone for my skills. One option would be to shoot this subject in a way that allows me to stay in my comfort zone but doing that doesn’t help me expand my comfort zone or help me grow as a photographer. While I will never master any particular type of shot, I think there is always room for improvement, expanding my range is an opportunity. So I accept the challenge and look forward to trying new things. Who knows, what is currently a weakness could become a strength.

For the terminally cynical that are thinking “Thanks for the enlightening recap of the obvious.” I know, there may not be that type of person reading my blog, for that matter, I can’t be sure that anyone is reading the blog. But if such a person (you know, the terminally cynical person) is reading this, I hope they channel their energies in a more positive direction and look for things to enrich their lives. For those of you that know me, you know that was my version of a polite “Bite me” to such a person.