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accuracy matters to me, being informed matters to me, learning new things matters…

accuracy matters to me, being informed matters to me, learning new things matters to me. i have learned a lot of new things as a result of my photography but sometimes i make a photograph just besause i like what i see. this photo was made in the Japanese Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. the flowers were blooming on a bare tree, no leaves at all. it's likely that if i had searched, i could have found the name of the tree and could properly identify them for the photo. that didn't happen. i liked the flowers, i photographed them and i moved on. sometimes it's like that.

lightbox link for the image at full quality:

i've probably mentioned this before and i will probably mention it again, the image that i post to Google+ these days is 60% quality. there are several reasons i do it, the reasons would likely bore you. the image i post on my photography is 100% quality. by and large, i would suspect that most people can't really see the difference. in the event that they purchase the image for a fine art print, the quality level becomes very important.

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when i went out to shoot this afternoon, i didn’t expect the water lilies to…

when i went out to shoot this afternoon, i didn't expect the water lilies to be blooming, compared to a lot of places. it's still relatively warm here but it has been cool at night, luckily i was wrong and the flowers were open. there was a time i compared the lure of the water lilies to an addiction, they would draw me over and entice me to photograph them. these days i don't look for a label for my attraction to the water lilies. they are there and my camera likes them.

original gallery, lightbox link, full quality:

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“Some have greatness thrust upon them, but not lately” ~ Frank Dane

spring flowers, 4/15/2010

spring flowers, 4/15/2010

It was a beautiful day in what has seemed like a long week.  The light was nice late this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning will be an early start to try and capture the morning light as the sun rises at Ebenezer Swamp in Shelby County, Alabama.  The photographs from this afternoon are all downloaded to my computer, I have only processed a few.  The flowers in the two photographs in this post were very small but size and beauty are not dependent on each another.

more small spring flowers, 4/15/2010

more small spring flowers, 4/15/2010

The title of the song for this post is “Lately” from the album “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” by Helio Sequence.

always like this

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.” ~ Marcel Pagnol (1895-1974)

dew on the pansies

dew on the pansies

Monday (4/5/2010) was a nice opportunity to capture some early splashes of color in the early morning light.  Many of the flowers were coated in a fine mist of morning dew.  Processing a photograph isn’t difficult or particularly time consuming.  Part of my regular work flow when I am shooting is to bracket each shot.  My camera is set for three shots in a set.  In situations with an abundance of light, I’ve found that when my DSLR meters at zero EV (exposure value), it can often be overexposed and the highlights are blown (bright white or light areas with no detail).  My first shot is at -1 EV, then -2EV, then at 0 EV.  In addition, I find it tough to know exactly which depth of field (DoF) is going to be the shot I like the most.  Depending on what I am shooting, I will know what I want in focus and what I want out of focus (this is DoF for the anti-jargon crowd), but subtle differences can make a differences in a particular shot.  So that means that I will shoot at various settings for the aperture to manipulate the DoF.  All of this means that it’s common for me to have 12 shots of the exact same scene.

ADHD alert: At this point, the non-photographer and/or easily bored person has either stopped reading, fallen asleep, skipped down to the photograph, or is clicking the song link.  Yeah, I know but there’s a lot of traffic in my head.

The photograph (shown below), before processing, is a very crisp, clear image.  Somehow, I saw it more as a painting and went for that look.  It’s my photograph so I get to choose how I want to present it.

flowers painted by the morning sun

flowers painted by the morning sun

In all the rush of recent weeks, I had forgotten to add a member link to the Alabama Rivers Alliance.  I am proud to support their efforts and be part of the group.  A permanent link has now been added to the blog for that organization.

The song for the post is titled “Always Like This” from the album “I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose” by Bombay Bicycle Club.  Give it a chance, it’s a fun song.


“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and spring fever is everywhere.  Well, pollen is everywhere too, but there’s always a trade-off.  The early morning light is one of my favorite times to shoot.  The dew this morning was like a fine mist, no large droplets.  This photograph of pansies will give you an idea of how it looked.  Click on the photo to see the image in a larger size with more detail.

pansies covered in morning dew

pansies covered in morning dew

The featured song for this post is “Shadows” from the album “Still Night, Still Light” by Au Revoir Simone.  Go ahead, listen to the song, you know you are curious.

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i need all the friends i can get

water lily, profile reflectionThere is much left to do on my new website.  My excitement about launching the site led me to make it public before I had created all of the galleries and added the photos.  My plans over the next week are to add more galleries and photos.

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is water lilies.  It borders on an obsession.  As of today (2/6/2010) the gallery for water lilies has been created.  As I write this post, only eight photographs are in the gallery but more will be added.

In my previous post I was so busy promoting Tina Westbrook’s book, “Letters from Alcatraz, Forty Years Later, and promoting the release party at Wildflower Wax Candle Studio & Boutique, I forgot to mention another new gallery on my photo site.  The new gallery will contain photographs related to the events surrounding the release of the book.  The gallery has it’s own listing on the website navigation menu.  Please take the time to take a look at the “Letters From Alcatraz” gallery.

My thanks to everyone that has subscribed to this blog.  If you know of anyone that would have an interest, please tell them about the blog and ask them to subscribe.  Speaking of subscriptions, I have added a feature to the Gerry Daniel Photography website that will allow you to subscribe to the site and will send you updates when new images are added.  I would love to increase the subscriber base on the photography site.

The music for this post is “I Need All the Friends I Can Get” by Camera Obscura.  It’s a fun song and fits what I am trying to do with the blog, get more friends.