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is this a new photograph?

Is this a new photograph? It seems like an easy question and in many cases, it’s an easy answer. The heart of the answer is when the image is completed. There is a specific time and place when the image was captured by a camera. At that point, the photograph exists. For my photography, it is still an unfinished work. There are adjustments that need to be made to the image that includes basic adjustments as color correction, image optimization by identifying the lens used to take the photograph, cropping if needed, removing any sensor spots from the image, and other adjustments to achieve the finished image that meets my vision for the image. My initial basic processing is done in Adobe Lightroom. Further processing may be done in a processing tool like Perfect Effects from Perfect Photo Suite by OnOne Software.

flixy cats, new york city

flixy cats, new york city

The above photograph was made on January 19, 2013. It sat in my library of images until it was completed on October 13, 2014, posted to Google+ and added to my photography site on October 15, 2014. The time gap from making the photograph to completing the photograph doesn’t matter. It is a new photograph when it is completed. Before that, it is an image that is unfinished.

Street photograpy in New York City

Street photography in New York City

hear the photography with your eyes

The image, featured below, is street photography with graphic art on the side of a building, made in New York City.

new york city

Street photography in New York City

The Gerry Daniel Photography blog is back! My energy, enthusiasm, and determination have returned. Stay tuned for some new things and the revival of some things that have been part of the blog in the past. A lot has happened in the interim between the last post and this post. The posts moving forward will sometimes written directly here while others may come from other sources such as my Google+ profile. That offers an opportunity to improve and broaden the content featured here.

Hang with me, spread the word, share with others. The more people I have reading and enjoying my blog, the better for me and the juggernaut that is Gerry Daniel photography, my art, and my ever expanding artistic and personal empire. Please share, link, reference, repost, like, give it Google +1’s, helps me in a lot of ways.

If you like my photographs and art enough to use any of it without my permission and believe my work is free for you to use, we fundamentally disagree on that issue. For the people that will take my work without respecting my ownership and legal rights no matter what I say or do, at least make an effort to give me credit for the work. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. If you don’t think this applies to you and/or you just don’t care, you just want the images and are going to take them no matter what, there is little I can do. I will try to take some solace that you found my work significant enough to use without permission and in violation of copyright laws. I doubt I will go back and make changes to any of the images posted with regard to trying to make it easier to identify that it’s my work. Going forward, ways to make it easier to identify the work as belonging to me will be added but it won’t be intrusive or obscure my images. I’m focused on what’s ahead.


on a bridge looking south in birmingham alabama

day 15/365 in my daily photo journal for 2013 and for +G+ 365 Project

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on a bridge looking southon a bridge looking south

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somebody had a late afternoon/early evening wedding, as i was walking out of the…

somebody had a late afternoon/early evening wedding, as i was walking out of the botanical gardens there were candles on stands with a glossy fabric ribbon tied around the stand just below the candle. i liked the lighting and the fabric, this was pretty much a target of opportunity photograph. i’m no wedding photographer. this was visually appealing to me. i was undecided about whether to post it here. it’s late and i figured, “why not” so there you have it.

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patterns and textures are a couple of properties that generally catch my eye

this is a macro image, it could also be an abstract image, i've put it in the "grunge" album. it's a moody image, i like the low light.

note: i am using the textureblend photography hash tag, this probably doesn't fit the group requirements but i thought the keyword was applicable, i am sure some may disagree

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#grunge   #rustysunday   #lowlightphotography   #macrophotography   #abstractart   #textureblendphotography  

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accuracy matters to me, being informed matters to me, learning new things matters…

accuracy matters to me, being informed matters to me, learning new things matters to me. i have learned a lot of new things as a result of my photography but sometimes i make a photograph just besause i like what i see. this photo was made in the Japanese Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. the flowers were blooming on a bare tree, no leaves at all. it's likely that if i had searched, i could have found the name of the tree and could properly identify them for the photo. that didn't happen. i liked the flowers, i photographed them and i moved on. sometimes it's like that.

lightbox link for the image at full quality:

i've probably mentioned this before and i will probably mention it again, the image that i post to Google+ these days is 60% quality. there are several reasons i do it, the reasons would likely bore you. the image i post on my photography is 100% quality. by and large, i would suspect that most people can't really see the difference. in the event that they purchase the image for a fine art print, the quality level becomes very important.

#flowerphotography   #naturephotography   #macrophotography   #fineartphotography  

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took a little time late in the afternoon to make a few photographs, i love the soft…

took a little time late in the afternoon to make a few photographs, i love the soft light near sunset, water lilies are a beautiful mix of exotic and primitive, they almost have the feel of being from another world

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#waterlily   #flowerphotography   #naturephotography   #macrophotography   #fineartphotography

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shadows can be so interesting at times

one of the tough things about photographing shadows is that they are easy to overlook. in this case, it was getting dark, i was leaving from a late afternoon session of shooting water lilies and walked past the autumn collection of pumpkins and gourds of various types and colors. this is what i would call a natural jack-o-lantern. nothing carved into the pumpkin but the shadows and light combine to create the effect.

#autumnphotography   #jackolantern   #pumpkincarving   #shadowart   #halloween   #macrophotography   #gourdart  

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