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Street photograpy in New York City

Street photography in New York City

hear the photography with your eyes

The image, featured below, is street photography with graphic art on the side of a building, made in New York City.

new york city

Street photography in New York City

The Gerry Daniel Photography blog is back! My energy, enthusiasm, and determination have returned. Stay tuned for some new things and the revival of some things that have been part of the blog in the past. A lot has happened in the interim between the last post and this post. The posts moving forward will sometimes written directly here while others may come from other sources such as my Google+ profile. That offers an opportunity to improve and broaden the content featured here.

Hang with me, spread the word, share with others. The more people I have reading and enjoying my blog, the better for me and the juggernaut that is Gerry Daniel photography, my art, and my ever expanding artistic and personal empire. Please share, link, reference, repost, like, give it Google +1’s, helps me in a lot of ways.

If you like my photographs and art enough to use any of it without my permission and believe my work is free for you to use, we fundamentally disagree on that issue. For the people that will take my work without respecting my ownership and legal rights no matter what I say or do, at least make an effort to give me credit for the work. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. If you don’t think this applies to you and/or you just don’t care, you just want the images and are going to take them no matter what, there is little I can do. I will try to take some solace that you found my work significant enough to use without permission and in violation of copyright laws. I doubt I will go back and make changes to any of the images posted with regard to trying to make it easier to identify that it’s my work. Going forward, ways to make it easier to identify the work as belonging to me will be added but it won’t be intrusive or obscure my images. I’m focused on what’s ahead.


on a bridge looking south in birmingham alabama

day 15/365 in my daily photo journal for 2013 and for +G+ 365 Project

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on a bridge looking southon a bridge looking south

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Moan Lisa’s All Kinds of People Shared Circle

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Moan Lisa's All Kinds of People Shared Circle
October 09, 2012

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it is what it says it is

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this is a new album created for autumn photographs

i think we can agree that halloween has a somewhat dark side to some of the imagery that goes along with it. there they were, gourds in various colors, shapes, and sizes. they were all hanging by the neck. this one reminded me of a goose. hey, i didn't hang them, i just shot them.  🙂

#halloween   #autumnphotography   #gourdart   #macrophotography  

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