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is this a new photograph?

Is this a new photograph? It seems like an easy question and in many cases, it’s an easy answer. The heart of the answer is when the image is completed. There is a specific time and place when the image was captured by a camera. At that point, the photograph exists. For my photography, it is still an unfinished work. There are adjustments that need to be made to the image that includes basic adjustments as color correction, image optimization by identifying the lens used to take the photograph, cropping if needed, removing any sensor spots from the image, and other adjustments to achieve the finished image that meets my vision for the image. My initial basic processing is done in Adobe Lightroom. Further processing may be done in a processing tool like Perfect Effects from Perfect Photo Suite by OnOne Software.

flixy cats, new york city

flixy cats, new york city

The above photograph was made on January 19, 2013. It sat in my library of images until it was completed on October 13, 2014, posted to Google+ and added to my photography site on October 15, 2014. The time gap from making the photograph to completing the photograph doesn’t matter. It is a new photograph when it is completed. Before that, it is an image that is unfinished.

Portfolios, Partnerships, and Photography

Procrastination?  That’s part of it.  Tough to make choices?  That’s another part of it.  Lack of objectivity?  Yep, that’s another part of it.  Personal attachment to some images?  No doubt, that’s also part of it.

It’s one of those things that is important to me and important for my photography.  It’s also one of those things that I keep meaning to do and don’t.  What am I talking about?  It’s my portfolio gallery.  To stay fresh and current, I should be taking the time to make sure my portfolio is always up to date.

My portfolio should be a concise representation of my best work.  Assessing photographs is subjective and because the images are mine, I struggle to be objective.  It’s practically impossible for me to know how my images are seen by others.  There should never be any weak work in the portfolio.  Any weak images seriously hurt the overall strength of the portfolio.

In a way I could probably make the argument that my photography is in transition, that I am exploring new areas, new directions.  Honestly, for as long as I am able to make photographs, that should always be a valid description for where I am with my work.  The day we stop exploring new directions, trying new things, growing as artists is basically the end of our creative journey.  When I cease to be stimulated by the opportunity to create an image that interests me, cease to find passion in photography, that’s the day I need to do some serious self evaluation.

My portfolio has become stagnant and probably has too many images.  Part of my challenge is that I am primarily a nature/environmental photographer but I prefer not to have any limits on what subjects I choose to capture with the camera.  The diversity of images has led me to wonder how best to focus my work.  The Dream Hat Photography site was initially started with very little thought to where my photography would lead.  At the time I was simply looking for a place to post some of my images to share with others.  A close friend and fellow photographer suggested SmugMug and it has been a great place for my work to be displayed and be seen by people all over the world.  Through my association with the communities at SmugMug, I have met wonderful people, become friends with people that have helped me more than I can ever say, and I have learned a lot about photography.

You’re right, I have drifted off course.  Consider it value-added content or you can see it as my natural tendency to go down side streets when I am talking and thinking.  That’s just the way I am and have been that way for more years than is relevant in this post.

What’s your point?  My point is that I am going to be working on updating my portfolio and also trying to figure out how best to get my work out there.  If any of you have ideas, suggestions, comments, or questions, I always love input.  Besides the whole “loving input” thing, it’s nice to know if anyone is actually reading any of this.

Since I am inviting input, if you have photography topics you would like for me to write about, please let me know.  If you are interested in exchanging links between blogs and/or photography sites, contact me.  If you happen to be a company that would like to partner with me – Nikon, Epson, Adobe, OnOne, SmugMug, or anyone alse along those lines, I would love to discuss it with you.  At this point, I am a bit like an athlete that has space for sponsors and partners.  You don’t want to look back and think, “We had a shot at building a partnership with Gerry Daniel, his wonderful work with photography, and we totally missed it.”  You never know.