on a bridge looking south in birmingham alabama

day 15/365 in my daily photo journal for 2013 and for +G+ 365 Project

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on a bridge looking southon a bridge looking south

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6 thoughts on “on a bridge looking south in birmingham alabama

  1. Gerry Daniel

    thank you +Simon Davis-Oakley +Joe Urbz +Charles Bernard +Christophe Wilhelm +Alex Berg +G+ 365 Project +Filip Bajaník +Justin Rush +Kerri Shotts for the plus 1's!

    I'm glad that you are enjoying the night shots +Simon Davis-Oakley , I like to shoot at night, it's a whole different world. For shooting downtown, I am careful where I choose to shoot and I pay close attention to everything around me. This bridge was empty except for me and my car, it is a one way street and I was basically at the apex. I could see pretty far in both directions and cars could only approach from one way. You can never be absolutely safe. Ideally it would be good for me to have a buddy along shooting but I don't know anyone that is available, especially on short notice.

    Thank you +G+ 365 Project for the re-share, I appreciate that.

  2. Gerry Daniel

    thank you +Gemma Costa +Texture Blend Photography +Goblin Calm +Daniel Quade for the plus 1's.

    Thanks +Gemma Costa for the comment, I'm glad that you like the dark mood and texture. It seems that there is so much work being done with multiple exposure shots, mood can easily be overlooked and the images lose a certain degree of tension that is essential to a shot like this. Sometimes the shadows are exactly what I want.

    Thank you very much +Texture Blend Photography for the re-share.


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