pink pick-up

day 14/365 for my 2013 daily photo journal and for +G+ 365 Project

This is a tight shot of an old truck that is parked in front of an antiques and collectibles shop. It is parked with the bed of the truck by the road. Whether the motor in the truck will run is anybody’s guess. As far as I know, it’s been sitting in that same spot for years. The truck bed is used for holding firewood that’s for sale, at least theoretically. In my experience of passing by, I’ve never seen much firewood in it and have never seen anyone buying any but the wood does seem to change over time. By that I mean it doesn’t seem like it’s the same wood or the same amount over time.

It’s tough to describe the vividness of the pink paint on the truck. My assumption is that the color was chosen to be eye-catching, mission accomplished. This photo was made at night, long exposure and the light is all reflected by lights in the area and passing cars. Those factors make it tough to really capture the hue accurately. One day I’ll photograph the truck in daylight and hopefully get a better representation of the actual color.

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19 thoughts on “pink pick-up

  1. Gerry Daniel

    i have a couple of questions about how people feel about the caption/description/text part of a post that's primarily a photograph. with this post, i shared some of the back story about the image.

    do you like getting the back story or information related to the image in the text area?

    sometimes i am more chatty than other times. i enjoy writing and don't write as often as i'd like. sometimes i might want to include a quote, song lyrics, a link to a song, information about the photograph (as described above) or some combination of these elements. is that something that adds value to the post for you?

    i'd be interested to hear what people have to say. feel free to be open and honest.


  2. Maire Thompson

    I took the time to stop and read it (which meant clicking on 'expand this post') rather than just seeing the image, liking the image, plussing the image and moving on – which is all I have time to do sometimes – and enjoyed reading about it. It made the image all the more interesting.

  3. Gerry Daniel

    thank you +Maire Thompson. i often don't know what to do about adding anything to a post that is really about showing an image.

    the practical side of having text and hash tags is related to elements that are needed for the image to be seen by certain groups, found by people searching for subjects/topics by hash tags, and issues related to SEO (search engine optimization) for my website. all of the practical reasons listed aren't so much related to the art as they are to me trying to create a sustainable business with my photography.

    in a perfect world, i wouldn't have to attach any text whatsoever to any of my images, no name, no caption, nothing to distract someone from the image or create limitations for the image due to language. it's something that is a constant struggle for me.

  4. Simon Davis-Oakley

    we have those days +Gerry Daniel  which only means one thing, your creative mind is yearning to reach out more explore more, and is yet to be  completely satisfied. That's the one thing about a 365 Journey you grow in ways you don't realize and sometimes you wonder if you are on the right path, when you do, just remember you are on the path that's right for you, here and now and the journey isn't over and your still discovering so much about yourself and your art form 🙂 keep going. Its when you don't question you can begin to worry

  5. Gerry Daniel

    thanks +Simon Davis-Oakley good advice…for clarification, it wasn't the 365 project that was troubling me, it was more about me being down on my work – as i'm sure it is with many photographers, my work is personal and primarily for me…at the same time it's hard not to pay attention to popularity or let that impact your how you feel about your work on some days

    photography is zen-like for me, i have to feel the flow and be part of it, it's not something that can be pushed, it's more about being in tune with the positive energy

  6. Simon Davis-Oakley

    well I also meant in general and not specifically the 365 project , as I view life as a journey 🙂  Yes Photography is my Zen if I get to make a living out of it, then I will truly be a blessed man, and a very happy one. even if at times like you I wonder about my work, but all work is a work in progress, as it is a reflection of ourselves, and we are ourselves are a work in progress 🙂


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