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is this a new photograph?

Is this a new photograph? It seems like an easy question and in many cases, it’s an easy answer. The heart of the answer is when the image is completed. There is a specific time and place when the image was captured by a camera. At that point, the photograph exists. For my photography, it is still an unfinished work. There are adjustments that need to be made to the image that includes basic adjustments as color correction, image optimization by identifying the lens used to take the photograph, cropping if needed, removing any sensor spots from the image, and other adjustments to achieve the finished image that meets my vision for the image. My initial basic processing is done in Adobe Lightroom. Further processing may be done in a processing tool like Perfect Effects from Perfect Photo Suite by OnOne Software.

flixy cats, new york city

flixy cats, new york city

The above photograph was made on January 19, 2013. It sat in my library of images until it was completed on October 13, 2014, posted to Google+ and added to my photography site on October 15, 2014. The time gap from making the photograph to completing the photograph doesn’t matter. It is a new photograph when it is completed. Before that, it is an image that is unfinished.

Architectural Photography

Tips for shooting architectural photographs

Architectural photography is one of my favorite subjects and one of the most challenging subjects to photograph. All of the photos in this post are related to that topic. Below are a few of the photographs from the shoot.

With any photography, perspective and composition are key elements. Give the image an interesting attraction to the eye. Find a perspective that is unique. Photographs that are from a common perspective will often not be as interesting. They will generally not have a strong impact if photographed from a common view. Some photographers will shoot from their normal standing position. There are times this will work. There are no rules but there are good practices to consider for the photograph. One of the methods is to find a low perspective. Sitting on the ground can help get a good shot.

Pay close attention to everything in the frame. Reposition if unwanted elements are included in the composition. It’s a good practice to not shoot with the idea of cropping later. You are wasting pixels. Each photograph should be important. Don’t let yourself fall into poor techniques. They will become habits. That lessens the quality of your photographs.

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.” – Diane Arbus

architectural photography looking up

low angle view with a steep upward angle of the old Alabama Power Company building in Birmingham, Alabama


angled view of the old Alabama Power Company building in Birmingham, Alabama

angled view of the old Alabama Power Company building in Birmingham, Alabama

Gerry Daniel Photography

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